A highly refined
smoking experience.

Introducing Stogie, a uniquely modern example of classic hand pipe design.

First used by ancient monks, cylindrical open-ended smoking pipes, or “chillums,” have been associated with introspection, meditation, and spirituality. It is said — only after a lifetime guided by these fundamental practices, may one begin to realize enlightenment. Sounds like quite the trip...better pack accordingly.

Ready to chill and breathe in the finer things?



Each piece is lathe turned, threaded, sanded, and polished by — wait for it — our hands. Production runs are currently limited to small batches.


Portrait of H.M. Mulligan, I


Husband. Father. legend in his own mind. And yes - he got's chops. 'Nuff said.

Founded by self-taught craftsman Hugh Mulligan in 2016, Gots Chops WoodWrks is a small Arizona based studio that designs and builds finely crafted modern furniture & goods. For some, creativity can be a curse as much as it can a gift and this uncontrollable compulsion to achieve perfection can be a physically, mentally, and emotionally crushing endeavor. We here at WoodWrks don't subscribe to such frippery and drivel, however. We absolutely enjoy the f%@ out of creating things!

Because when the last drop of blood has been shed and the final coat of finish buffed, you end up with a "thing." A tangible, measurable, useful, beautiful...thing. Creating and building these things is an incredible journey - and one we have the privilege of sharing with our clients. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

See us in action on Instagram or feel free to contact us with new work inquiries, burning questions, high-praise, facial hair advice, or anything else you'd like to chat about. We're always taking new work and we'd love to hear from you. In Chops We Trust. Thanks!

“After more than a decade behind a desk creating visual art as a graphic designer — I realized it was the desk I wanted to be creating all along. And the rest is still being written...”— H.M. Mulligan, I